Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - FAQ/Walkthrough

  1. Walkthrough
    1. Prologue
    2. Chapter 1: The Insurgency
    3. Chapter 2: Infiltration
    4. Chapter 3: Homecoming
    5. Chapter 4: The Western Ghats
    6. Chapter 5: The Great Battle
    7. Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper
    8. Chapter 7: The Lost Legacy
    9. Chapter 8: Partners
    10. Chapter 9: End of the Line
  2. Collectibles
    1. Treasures
    2. Photo Opportunities
    3. Optional Conversations
    4. Lock Boxes
  3. Trophies


Treasure Locations

There are 68 treasures to find throughout the game, you can see how many you have from a particular chapter on the Chapter Select screen. The list of treasures itself will also help you track down your missing treasures as they are in a set order and, aside from in Chapter 4, they are also found in the same order as they are listed. So look for gaps in your list and compare that to the list below.


#1Treasure #1Ganesh Figurine
The first treasure is the Ganesh Figurine that you take back from the little girl, Meenu, in the market. Impossible to miss.

Chapter 1: The Insurgency

#2Treasure #2Silver Sterling Cigarette Case
On some barrels to the left of the ladder after you see a fighter jet from the roof.

Chapter 2: Infiltration

#3Treasure #3Bullet Whistle
Just before you zip down the wire with the lightbulbs on at the grass, on the right behind some barrels.
#4Treasure #4Military Service Lighter
In the shed with the moveable crate where you crouch in the grass.
#5Treasure #5Utility Spork
In a box on top of the second rolling crate, move the crate to knock it onto the floor.
#6Treasure #6Traveling Inkwell
Along the short dead end corridor as you climb into the building with office supplies.
#7Treasure #7Tactical Compass
In the antiques room, on a wooden crate by the first large slanted window.

Chapter 3: Homecoming

#8Treasure #8Gupta Empire Coins
In the water in front of the waterfall at the flamingos.
#9Treasure #9Silver Water Jar
After the quick shootout at the first gate blow up a wall in the alcove up to the left using a grenade.
#10Treasure #10Golden Fish Statuette
In the area after bursting through the doors you'll find this behind some foliage in the middle of two waterfalls.
#11Treasure #11Mango Crystal Scent Flask
When you drop back into the car after the encounter immediately get out and you'll find the treasure on a stone table to the right.

Chapter 4: The Western Ghats

These are ordered by the in-game list, for a more sensible collecting order refer to the Walkthrough for this chapter.

Western Ghats Treasure Map
#12Treasure #12Medieval Indian Lock and Key
On the southern part of the square base structure to the east of the central tower - north-west of the south-east fortress.
#13Treasure #13Rosewood Spice Box
To the east of the central tower area, as you leave down the slope at the back of the curved stair section.
#14Treasure #14Serpents and Ladders Game
In a room you climb into to the north-west of the central tower, up some steps between the stone bridge and the vine bridge.
#15Treasure #15Ancient Stone Jar
On the waterfalls below Shiva's fortress in the south-east.
#16Treasure #16Trinket Box
On the path up the waterfalls leading towards the Trident Fortress, just before you get to driving in the water.
#17Treasure #17Ivory Casket
Next to a tree on the curved path up to the west of the most eastern token place.
#18Treasure #18Stag Horn Box
On a platform just down the river from the waterfalls outside the Trident Fortress in the south-east, next to a muddy slope.
#19Treasure #19Jade Archer's Ring
On a tower near the entrance to the monkey area.
#20Treasure #20Metal Tiger Claws
In a dark tunnel in the north of the map.
Treasure #21, Treasure #22, Treasure #23Silver Goblet, Hoysala Kukri, Inscribed Copper Plate
After collecting all eleven tokens, in the monkey building.
#24Treasure #24Hoysala Coin
On the eye of an elephant statue just to the south-west of the bell ringing token area.
#25Treasure #25Jade Pendant
In a dummy entrance next to the Horse token to the west of the Axe Fortress in the north.
#26Treasure #26Nagfani Horn
In the middle of some trees in the forest area just south of the Axe Fortress. Marked by some small stone posts.
#27Treasure #27Engraved Gourd Jar
Underneath the root bridge that leads to the disc doorway.
#28Treasure #28Butterfly Trinket
Inside a Lock Box on a truck in the water area in the north of the map, just before the Axe Fortress.
#29Treasure #29Leather Covered Binoculars
Inside a Lock Box in the Lake Outpost to the west of the central tower.
#30Treasure #30Miniature Bronze Cannon
Inside a Lock Box in front of the entrance to the monkey area in the north-east of the map.

Chapter 5: The Great Battle

#31Treasure #31Padouk Tea Caddie
After dropping down to the stairs near the start, along the grassy area to the left.
#32Treasure #32Engraved Ewer
After the first rope swing climb up some piton rocks and then drop down to this treasure down to the left of the second piton section.
#33Treasure #33Bidri Hookah Bowl
Behind an elephant statue after roping down past the large statues.
#34Treasure #34Gold Cased Ivory Dentures
Behind a pile of bodies on the left after the crouch tunnel.
#35Treasure #35Palm Leaf Manuscript
In the far left corner of the room where you jump onto piles of bones.
#36Treasure #36Khanjarli Curved Dagger
In the corner to the right as you drop down after the fight with the truck.

Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper

#37Treasure #3710th Century Oil Bottle
On the right just before a wide staircase after a room with a load of pots.
#38Treasure #38Aged Silver Anklet
On a grassy ledge just outside the crouch tunnel, just before you reach the elephant.
#39Treasure #39Ceremonial Sugar Hammer
On a stone decoration thing near the edge of the water just past the elephant family.
#40Treasure #40Agate Gemstone Box
On a ledge after the elephants, rope swing to it instead of the piton wall.
#41Treasure #41Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu
After the piton wall drop down to the right into a crouching tunnel.

Chapter 7: The Lost Legacy

#42Treasure #42Lakshmi Marriage Ornament
After you go through a very short crouch tunnel, go to the right and jump through some running water to some yellow ledges.
#43Treasure #43Hanuman Brass Bell
On the back of the object in front of the blocked up entrance.
#44Treasure #44Enameled Betel Box
In the back left corner of the bath house room, next to some roots.
#45Treasure #45Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece
Under water, in an alcove to the left when you emerge from the bath house.
#46Treasure #46Handcarved Sheesham Breadbox
In an alcove in the far left corner of the library type place.
#47Treasure #47Silver Comb Perfume Flask
On the floor along the back of the shelves at the back of the library room.
#48Treasure #48Bronze Deccan Incense Burner
Underwater, after the high jump, on the left side.
#49Treasure #49Satavahana Hourglass
After you swim through some roots, on the shore at the back.
#50Treasure #50Chalukya Griffin Candlestick
In the back left corner of the room of water with columns.
#51Treasure #51Bronze Medallion Flask
Underwater, in the left corner of the place where you see the large Shiva statue, behind the rocks.
#52Treasure #52Bichwa Dagger
At the very middle of the base of the large Shiva statue platform.
#53Treasure #53Jadeite Bottle
Around the right side of the base of the large Shiva statue.
#54Treasure #54Harappan Ivory Dice
As you climb up the left side of the area with the large Shiva statue go straight up a little further rather than taking the steps.
#55Treasure #55Ivory Chess Piece
On a balcony beneath where you jump off the trident arm.
#56Treasure #56Gold Chola Earrings
At the back of the platform you climb up to after turning the crank for Shiva's trident arm.
#57Treasure #57Bridal Maang Tikka
Below the crank that moves Shiva's lower left arm.

Chapter 8: Partners

#58Treasure #58Jeweled Snuff Bottle
To the left at the start, on the edge of the cliff.
#59Treasure #59Brass Ewer
Underwater, at the waterfall where you first see the chopper.
#60Treasure #60Mamluk Brass Bowl
Climb to the top of the waterfall after the previous treasure, go straight down the slope and jump to the left instead of going across to the other side.
#61Treasure #61Crescent Flask
In the far corner of the metal grate area just before you climb up onto the railway bridge.
#62Treasure #62Soapstone Jewelry Box
Before climbing the rope that Sam leaves for you go to the left and climb up the cliff side.
#63Treasure #63Peacock Nut Cutter
On your way back up to Nadine and Sam at the red and white tower, climb down instead of up on the last cliff section.
#64Treasure #64British Powder Flask
After climbing Sam's crate go into the cave to the ladder he broke.
#65Treasure #65Strange Skull
On the final rope swing instead of swinging straight across swing back to a ledge below where you jumped from.

Chapter 9: End of the Line

#66Treasure #66United India Company Pistol
On the roof of the first train car you enter.
#67Treasure #67Viceroy's Penbox
On the front of the car you shimmy around before a rope swing.
#68Treasure #68United India Company Coins
Shimmy around the third carriage after the turret section.