Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - FAQ/Walkthrough

  1. Walkthrough
    1. Prologue
    2. Chapter 1: The Insurgency
    3. Chapter 2: Infiltration
    4. Chapter 3: Homecoming
    5. Chapter 4: The Western Ghats
    6. Chapter 5: The Great Battle
    7. Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper
    8. Chapter 7: The Lost Legacy
    9. Chapter 8: Partners
    10. Chapter 9: End of the Line
  2. Collectibles
    1. Treasures
    2. Photo Opportunities
    3. Optional Conversations
    4. Lock Boxes
  3. Trophies


Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper

Gotta make your way over towards the tall tower again. Jump down and then slide down the muddy slope on the right and then make your way over to the muddy slope down to the root bridge. The area has changed a bit as now there's loads of rocks and fallen trees blocking the many paths you could take, instead the one and only path takes you up the stone steps and into the room where you found a treasure earlier.

Now there's an open box in here with a Type 95, a Para .45 and some C4, a new type of explosive that you can throw and then remotely detonate. Throw one at the crumbly looking wall to your left so that it sticks on. Once it has done you can press Down to detonate it or you can go up to it and pick it up again if you put it in the wrong place. Jump out the window and slide down the slope into some grass.

APC Fight

Once the APC passes you can advanced forwards to the fountain area where there are now a load of rebels patrolling, as well as that APC which is going in circles. Your tasks is to take out the APC using explosives, you should be able to find some C4 in open boxes around the area but you can also get some RPGs from the two orange Lock Boxes on opposite sides of the area. You can get a trophy for blowing up the APC with C4 in one explosion, do that by placing several C4s on it (depends on difficulty for number - just 2 in Explorer) and detonating them all at once (don't think it's possible in Crushing as you need five). You can only have four active C4 bombs so if you try to throw a fifth the first one will deactivate. If you run out of C4 you can just grab some more from the open boxes again.

Overkill Overkill
Plant multiple C4 charges on the APC at the same time and destroy it with one massive detonation
Lock Box 13/21
Lock Box #13

Orange box in the bottom of the fountain structure nearest the bottom of the curved stairs. Contains an RPG.

Lock Box 14/21
Lock Box #14

Another orange box in another fountain structure, this one's in the diagonally opposite corner of the area.

Once you blow up the APC another small band of rebels will drive in and park up by Nadine, you'll have to take them out too before you can continue. Nadine should help a little.

Once they're gone you can push the lever.


Go inside the bell and down the steps until you eventually slide into a room full of pots.

Treasure 37/68 - 10th Century Oil Bottle
Treasure #37

On the right just before the long staircase.

At the bottom of the staircase go forwards through a crouch tunnel and then outside. Hop over a pillar on the right and go up the steps.

Treasure 38/68 - Aged Silver Anklet
Treasure #38

On your left just before you see the elephant.

And on your right is an elephant. Hop up next to her and start shifting the pillar. Walk along the path, feed the elephant if you like, and just let it carry you along.


Photo Opportunity 19/28 - Elephants
Photo Opportunity #19

In front of the family of elephants.

Treasure 39/68 - Ceremonial Sugar Hammer
Treasure #39

On a stone decoration thing near the edge of the water just past the elephant family.

Optional Conversation 10/17
Optional Conversation #10

Climb up the platform after meeting the elephant family.

Up the steps we go.

Lock Box 15/21
Lock Box #15

At the corner, contains an Arrowhead A3c and some C4.

At the edge jump up onto the wall on your right and climb up on top of it. Turn to the right and you'll see a rope swing.

Treasure 40/68 - Agate Gemstone Box
Treasure #40

If you use that rope swing and swing onto the platform on the left you'll find this treasure.

Get back to that previous platform and jump over to the next one.

Photo Opportunity 20/28 - Waterfall
Photo Opportunity #20

Looking at the waterfall.

Jump down to the left and then climb up into a crouch tunnel.

Treasure 41/68 - Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu
Treasure #41

Inside that crouch tunnel.

At the other end of the tunnel jump onto the ledges on the right (or rope swing to them) and climb up the piton wall to the top. Climb again and then swing across a spear, one more rope swing and then a load of steps that lead you to the next chapter.