Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - FAQ/Walkthrough

  1. Walkthrough
    1. Prologue
    2. Chapter 1: The Insurgency
    3. Chapter 2: Infiltration
    4. Chapter 3: Homecoming
    5. Chapter 4: The Western Ghats
    6. Chapter 5: The Great Battle
    7. Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper
    8. Chapter 7: The Lost Legacy
    9. Chapter 8: Partners
    10. Chapter 9: End of the Line
  2. Collectibles
    1. Treasures
    2. Photo Opportunities
    3. Optional Conversations
    4. Lock Boxes
  3. Trophies


Chapter 9: End of the Line

Time to chase after that train! Drive along weaving through obstacles until you start getting shot at by enemies on motorcycles. When that starts happening start ramming into them but mostly just try to stay on course. There is a trophy to ram into 10 but you'll have another chance to get a few more later on in the chapter. After a while you'll drive through a bit of forest and reach the back of the train where you'll want to jump on board.

Combat Racing Combat Racing
Ram 10 motorcycles
Treasure 66/68 - United India Company Pistol
Treasure #66

Hop out the window on the left and climb up onto the roof. It's at the back.

Jump to the second carriage then down to a flatbed with a few crates on. Keep moving forwards and then shimmy around the left side of the next carriage. Hop over the crates inside then shimmy along the right.

Treasure 67/68 - Viceroy's Penbox
Treasure #67

On the front of this carriage.

Jump into carriage number five using a rope then jump forwards into a blue carriage.

Train Ambush

Enemies are in the next carriage so be cautious when you jump down, the first one is wielding a shotgun. This whole part can be sneaked through if you're careful about looking into the carriages ahead when taking them out. The next carriage is a dead end so you'll have to get onto the roof now, there's enemies up there too so be careful when you climb up. When you get to the carriage with a couple of armoured enemies walking about inside you might like to jump out the window and then pull them out when they walk near. A few more enemies ahead who are really difficult to take out in one go without alerting each other (but a well timed grenade or C4 might be able to do it) but even if you do manage it you'll still trigger the sudden appearance of more motorbikes and 4x4s.

Train Convoy

Once the 4x4s have started appearing you can, instead of just shooting them, jump on-board and take control. There's a trophy for doing that six times so it's good to get started early.

Backseat Driver Backseat Driver
Commandeer 6 vehicles by jumping on them and kicking out the driver

There's also a trophy for blowing up a vehicle using explosives, so pick up the many grenades scattered along the train and throw them far in advance of a car and it might just explode it. There are also gas canisters inside the red and brown crates that you can throw and shoot for a more instant explosion.

Here, Catch! Here, Catch!
Destroy a vehicle in Chapter 9 with an explosive

Once in a car keep driving alongside the train, if your car starts smoking jump back onto the train and look for another car to hijack, or you can jump directly to another car if there's one nearby.

The general aim is to drive far enough along the train that you pass by the orange tanker section, there'll be a rope swing point for you to use to get back on (but you can of course just jump). Once back on carry on forwards along the train until you get blocked again. A truck with a turret on it will appear and start shooting at you, duck behind cover and jump onto a car when you can. You're going to want to get right up behind the truck to grapple it with your rope. Climb the rope and then shimmy around the side of the truck to pull the gunner off. Take control of the turret and start going wild! Just be careful of the snipers getting a lock on you for too long. Your main target is inside the flaky looking carriage, shoot it a lot and aim for the gas cylinders inside to blow it up.

Once you're back on the train it'll all be quiet again for a while.

Treasure 68/68 - United India Company Coins
Treasure #68

Shimmy around the left side of the third carriage.

Collector of Antiquities Collector of Antiquities
Find all the treasures

Triangle open the door into the bomb room.


Triangle open the door out of the bomb room. Shimmy around the side of the engine to the door then climb up onto the roof to try the hatch too.


Jump down into the car below and take command, you've got a load of motorbikes on you so get swiping. Follow Sam's car up to the station and get out.There's not much to this fight, just shoot the canisters to blow the enemies up.


Back in your car get after that train again and follow the path along until you see a ramp to jump the car off onto the train. Climb up the car onto the train.


Asav Finale

Same as your previous fight, dodge his attacks and punch when his back is turned. Keep punching.


Some more punching and dodging and some struggling too.


And now the tricky part, it's going to take some good timings on your dodges to avoid getting hit. Five dodges in quick succession until you can get your hit in. Very deadly to get hit at all in Crushing mode. After a quick strangle you'll be thrown off the side, the task here is to avoid the obstacles coming at you. Go up, then down, stay down, then go up and then the train will get damaged. Climb right then stand up on the top of the piece of scrap you're clinging to so you can rope swing to land on Asav.


Just a case of punching Asav now, no dodging required.


And some more punching.


Run along the top of the train jump from carriage to carriage before running through the last one and throwing your rope to finish the game.



Legacy Found Legacy Found
Complete the Game
Progress Demands Sacrifice Progress Demands Sacrifice
Complete the Game in Crushing Mode